What are benefits from laser blood irradiation?


The non-invasive laser irradiation of blood is an ideal systemic therapy, which will supply photon energy directly to the body. Because the non-invasive method can be considered as riskless, it [...]

What are benefits from laser blood irradiation?2020-09-22T11:34:55+10:00

Would normal tissue be affected?


Healthy cells also absorb light. Damaged or stressed cells, however, are associated with lower absorption threshold. That is, they are more likely to receive the benefit of LLLT.

Would normal tissue be affected?2020-09-22T11:35:03+10:00

Who may not be suitable for LLLT?


There are some contraindications to the use of LLLT, these include: Irradiation of the abdomen for pregnant patients When malignant tumours are located in an irradiated area Light sensitive patients. [...]

Who may not be suitable for LLLT?2020-09-22T11:35:10+10:00

Is this the same as surgical or cosmetic lasers?


No, surgical lasers are more powerful since their pulses are designed to disrupt and destroy cells. LLLT is of low power nature (typically under 0.5 Watt) and does not produce [...]

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Does it hurt?


LLLT is a non-invasive treatment. Patients generally do not feel any sensation during the treatment. LLLT certainly does not hurt.

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Is it safe?


While LLLT is safe to irradiate tissues, one should never stare directly into the beams. Sydney Laser Health Solutions provide safety eyewear during the treatment.

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