Carpal tunnel CTS

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a painful disorder of the hand caused by pressure on nerves that run through the wrist. Symptoms include numbness, pins and needles, weakness and pain (particularly at night) felt in the fingers, thumb, hand, and sometimes into the forearm. Anything that causes swelling inside the wrist can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, including repetitive hand movements, pregnancy and arthritis.

Risk factors that may contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome include pregnancy, hypothyroidism, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity. Prolonged, repeated or improper use of the hands or wrist can also put pressure on the median nerve by causing swelling or thickening of tissues close to or within the carpal tunnel. Prior wrist injuries (especially fractures) make a person more likely to develop CTS.

Please visit Sydney Laser Health Solutions if your CTS is not relieved with mainstream treatment. Our integrative approach to manage your CTS includes LLLT, laser acupuncture and lifestyle educations, all of which reduce the pain through its anti-inflammatory effects and help you reclaim your joyous normal life.

Some tips to avoid recurrence are as follows since both work and recreational activities can cause CTS if done over a long period of time. Try to avoid these activities include:

  • Use of tools, especially those that vibrate (such as sanders).
  • Assembly work, such as working on a food-processing line.
  • Typing, using a computer mouse, or bar-code scanning.
  • Prolonged knitting or needlework.
  • Prolonged twisting of the wrist.
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