Recurrent falls, fall related injuries

About 20% of my patients have chronic pain caused by recurrent falls and fracture. Here we provide some tips for preventing falls and fracture as suggested by American Council on Exercise.

  • Create an exercise regime that includes aerobic weight-bearing exercises four days per week, plus two or three days of resistance training.
  • Perform flexibility exercises frequently, but make sure you don't include activities that cause the spine to bend forward.
  • Build your muscles by walking, running or lifting weights.
  • Perform a variety of different exercises that you enjoy and that work different muscles.
  • Make sure your exercises don't cause any joint pain

If you have post-injury or post-fracture pain, please visit Sydney Laser Health Solutions, in addition to Low Level Laser Therapy - LLLT we provide integrative health advice to help you manage your conditions and improve quality of life.

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