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New Researches Unveil Advanced Pain Diagnostic Methods - World First Relief From Pain

Like many medical researchers who has spent a significant portion of life in research, I am always pleased to see innovation and breakthrough in my field of work. This news piece from Channel 7 has shown advanced laboratory methods of measuring and tracking pain. While very promising, this further stresses the worrying trend that there is increasing number of Australians suffering from debilitating pain. See the link 


The new blood test looks very promising indeed. Once the technique is matured within the next 5 years, it should start to give us a better of diagnosing pain and measure the effectiveness of existing treatments. Unfortunately if you are suffering from pain right now, 5 years is a long time to wait

If your day to day life is impacted by pain and you are in search of an effective treatment option, come and see the expert team at Sydney Laser Health Solutions. We use clinically proven Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to treat a range of pain conditions. 


Wei Xing

With over 30 years experience in the industry Wei Xing has used her expertise and LLLT knowledge to treat patients with acute and chronic pain.

Deeply passionate about her patient’s health, Wei has made it her mission to alleviate discomfort and suffering from her patients so that they may enjoy a more active lifestyle.

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