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holiday2workHappy 2015! Hope everyone has had a relaxing/exciting/joyous/productive holiday. Now, whether we are still savouring memories of our vacations or eagerly anticipating new ones, as normal daily routine ensue for many people across Australia, most of us would also be feeling a little tired, some exhausted or even anxious about returning to stressful daily routines. It’s completely normal to feel like that after a long break. This anxiety will normally fade once the initial period passes, for some however, it can be difficult to smoothly merge back to a stressful working environment.

Retoring balance of diet is the first step that we can do to help.
Holidays is always the time of the year where food and drinks (often high calories) galore, at the same period there is less energy expenditure as our work load drops considerally. This sudden congestion/disruption can be quite unsettling for our internal systems and the effect can linger, and finally when call of duty comes, we often don't immediately regain our sharpness.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese medicine and philosophies,  baked treats, food high in fat such as those usually topping our holiday dining table packs heat in our bodies, fortunately "antitode" - food of "cool" properties are easy to source, one doesn't have to look beyond the summer greens, in addition, fish (protein but lower fat content), rice (carb but not baked) among many things that grows in aquatic environment are not only "cool" in TCM but provide a welcoming alternative for the taste bud.
Gastric gourmet or not, it's the combination of many things that work together to make great holidays. Whether it is holiday treats or scenic spots, our brain perceives these desired destinations/objects as happiness, measurable ones too, as this corresponds with a hightened level of endorphin. Sudden void in these"happy stimuli" then due to change in lifestyle for example, can lead to lowered Endorphin level in the immediate period, which explains most cases of post holiday anxiety (it's like smoke cessation).

Fortunately at Sydney Laser Health Solutions, we know just what to do to make the transtision more smoothly,  we recommend 3-4 sessions of Low levele Laser Therapy (LLLT), which when applied to the right spots, helps to stimulate endorphin. Apart from this, LLLT also helps to energise us through a series of photochemical effects as light is absorbed by our cells. Get a fast start in 2015, call Sydney Laser Health Solutions 9389 9699 or 0481 354 188. We have a special protocol individually to help you!

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Wei Xing

With over 30 years experience in the industry Wei Xing has used her expertise and LLLT knowledge to treat patients with acute and chronic pain.

Deeply passionate about her patient’s health, Wei has made it her mission to alleviate discomfort and suffering from her patients so that they may enjoy a more active lifestyle.

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