Onions and Osteoporosis

Many of my patients with back pain have reported history of fracture (broken bones) due to osteoporosis (thinning of bone, loss of bone density); majority of them, aware of the problems, took actions to prevent it by regularly take calcium tablets, Vitamin D, calcitonin and bisphosphonate; careless consumption of these can lead to adverse side effects.


A research published more than a decade ago (Nature 1999) found that a simple diet modification can help to reduce bone lose. The article pointed out that one of the most powerful food to slow loss of bone is onion.


It is not all about Laser at Sydney Laser Health Solutions, we provide natural, integrative management plans to help you relieve pain and make your bone stronger, minimising the impact of side effects.

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Wei Xing

With over 30 years experience in the industry Wei Xing has used her expertise and LLLT knowledge to treat patients with acute and chronic pain.

Deeply passionate about her patient’s health, Wei has made it her mission to alleviate discomfort and suffering from her patients so that they may enjoy a more active lifestyle.

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